Published On: August 15, 2022


New Wine Releases

Following is the kind of information we publish three times a year (March, July & November) to our Wine Club Members. We try to keep it informative and interesting, if not a bit irreverent. And most importantly to have fun with our missives. This note accompanied our July 2022 announcement:

Mirabile Dictu, the labels for our May Bottlings have finally arrived and are affixing themselves to our new releases! (OK with a little help from me and my labeling machine.)

So we offer you a full complement of old favorites, plus a new release.

Rook’s Red – a Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre (GSM) blend. Non Vintage because we blended a ’21 Grenache, a ’20 Mourvedre and a ’19 Syrah to produce an aromatic, smooth, soft tannin, red wine that is ready to drink now and can age with grace (new version of an old favorite).

Grenache 2021– light and fruit-forward beaujolais style wine with medium tannins and crisp acidity. Ready to drink chilled or room temp, and able to lay down for at least five years. Summer sippin’ wine! (new version of an old favorite).

Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 – our first bottling of neighbor Chapman Vineyards, this Cab has a light berry/floral bouquet, soft tannins and a lingering mouth feel sure to please the red wine lover. Drink now or lay down for ten years. brand new varietal for us). This Cabernet-Sauvignon takes the place of our old favorite Cab-Merlot blend (CheckMate), which will return next year!

Syrah 2019 – Our Estate Syrah and aging beautifully standard of excellence (an old favorite)!

Rose’ of Grenache 2021 – Our ’21 version of a perennial favorite. Dry with a hint of sentiment when imbibed on a summer afternoon. (or anytime)! (old favorite)

Knight’s White 2019 -The only white wine in our lineup at the moment, but an old favorite. Dry with a hint of minerality and light tannins.

We will be crushing Verdelho this fall and re-introducing it next Spring.

The summer heat has set in the last few days so we will watch the weather as to when we can ship. All of our shipments to the West Coast arrive in one or two days so we will get the boxes ready and ship when we get a break in the heat. But we will try to start shipments next week (July 25).

My recommendation for this July shipment to Wine Club Members is a combination of Rook’s Red, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon; but of course, as always you can mix and match any way you wish. Please let us know your preference and if not I will ship the first three.